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Atul Dhamankar

Wildlife Photgrapher, Writer, Tour opretor & Researcher

Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve
- A Field Guide
My new book -A field guide on Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve was recently published. I am studying tiger, wildlife and birds of Tadoba for last 20 years. This book is actually a feild guide for naturelovers who wants to know about wildlife of Tadoba TR. This pocket sized, 100 pages book contain 22 mammals and 154 birds species. Each species labbeled with English name, Habitat, size, weight,status,food, activity and the most important thing for all wildlifers is PSA (Possible sighting area in Tadoba). All book is printed on glossy art paper and with colour photograph of each species. All photos were taken by me.It also contain habitat types and map of Tadoba TR. I will give free of cost this feild guide to the all tourist guides of tadoba. This is my 7th book on wildlife and I hope that all wildlifer come to tadoba find this book very helpful to get wildlife in this vast tiger reserve.
 WAGH (2003)
This book based on my study of Tiger in Tadoba and other tiger reserves of India. It contains Observations on Tiger's behaviour, Maiting, Breeding, terretory making, fights between two tigers, cubs & their growth, hunting, inter-relationship with other animals and tiger study & counting techniques. This book recived many prestigious awards. This book is not only popular in India but also in US and Germany. Entirely printed on glossy art paper and contain 24 colour photographs of tiger's various activities.
This books is 5 award winner book & also raed in US and Germany Maharashtra Mandal.
This was my first book which was published 15 years back . This book contain study of 4 Deers species ( Chital, Sambar, Barking Deer & Mouse Deer) and 4 Antelope species ( Indian Gazzele or Chinkara, Blackbuck, Four-Horned Antelope & Nilgai) and my experiences about them.


This book covers all the aspects about wildlife and their study. This book teach how to use the techniques of ARANYAWACHAN or Jungle Craft on the feild, along with equipment details. This book is also a feild guide for mammals, birds, reptiles and butterflies. All these species are discribed with line drawings and colour photographs. Entirely printed on glossy art paper in big size. Also an award winning book.


( Oct. 2007)

This entire book is based on study of one bird, Indian Pitta or Navrang called in Marathi. This is outcome of my dedicated 8 years study of this uncommon bird's nesting behaviour, which was not recorded earlier from Maharashtra state. Enrich with many colour photogarphs and sketches.


Collection of 11 expirences of my wilflife study in various parts of India. You can thrilled by the experience of continious 3 days and nights sitting on a wooden Machan at Kalapani nala just outside the Tadoba- Andhari Tiger Reserve. A story of rediscovery of rare 'Jerdon's Courser' from Kopela forest of Gadchiroli district is also a highlight of this book.



This book is in double crown size (About magazine sized) and printed entirely on glossy art paper. This book contain more than 50 colour wildlife photographs taken by me. Cover page as you see nicely designed and printed photograph of RED AVADAVAT ( Munia).
This book contain various topic of flora and fauna of Maharashtra state. It also contain rare and endamic wildlife of Maharashtra, all tiger reserves, National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries, along with many issues like wildlife crime, anti-poaching, forest dept. work, NGO’s, Red data list for endangered wildlife etc. This book having a good reference value for wildlife lovers.
I hope you all naturelover like it very much and want your comments after reading it.

TADOBA: Waghache Jungle (jan. 2009)

This book is based on my 20 years extencive tiger and wildlife study in famous Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra. I got many thrilling expirences during my wildlife study in Tadoba, when I walked through the dense forest in the search of Tigers and wildlife. In this book you could encouter with many rare animals and birds of Tadoba. It also contain complete checklists of mammals and birds of Tadoba. Printed on natural shade paper and contain many colour photographs & sketchs.

This book is out come of my JUNGLE DAIRY, which I regularly writtten during my wildlife observation in past 23 years.This book contain some of my best thrilling experiences during tiger and wildlife study at Tadoba Tiger Reserve as well as in Jim Corbett NP, Kevladev Ghana NP in Bharatpur, Nagzira WLS etc. During my wildlife reaserch, I was set on machan or Watch tower for hours and some times for days very quitly to observe behaviour of wild animals and birds. Many time I tracked wildlife on foot in jungle. I got many thrilling experiences like hunting, mating, breeding, fighting, courting, feeding, marking by wild animals an birds, which I discribe in this book. This book is perfect for those who love wildlife and want to watch them in forest.
For all these books, contact me or to the pubisher.

This book is all about Wild cats of India and world. I am given wide description on my study of Tiger, Leopard, Jungle cat, Lions and some other lesser cats. This book contain many color photographs of wild cat’s behavior and other things, which will be helpful for those who want to know these secrative animal’s very closely. This book give you detail information about world’s all wild cats found in different palces and habitat. A real reference book of any naturelover and a good reading for every layman.
Also give photos of published front pages of Sanctuary magazine.
Complete study about 4 species of Deers & 4 species of Antelope found in India. This book printed on full art paper & contain lots of color photographs.
Study of Tiger in Tadoba TR by author Atul Dhamankar. Printed on art paper & color photographs.
The tiger has been a part of Atul Dhamankar’s life for the last 25 years. He has studied this magnificent predator in the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra and some other tiger jungles of India. He spent sleepless nights on a machan and in ground hides at Tadoba, sat motionless for entire days, waited on a machan in extreme weather conditions, and walked many kilometres to just observe pugmarks or to get a glimpse of this secretive animal. This book is based on his study of the tiger and includes the many unforgettable moments he has experienced with this magical animal. The tiger is an apex animal of our ecosystem. By protecting it, we can protect ourselves and our future generations.